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JanKenPon was founded in March 2004 by Apeman and many thanks go to the people that helped this group in various ways ever since. However, a special thanks goes to the people that are listed here since they're still contributing to JanKenPon's growth and continuation as we speak.


Mission statement

Our goal is to bring free, unknown and unlicensed manga to the online community depending on whatever free time the JKP team has to spare. Note that our works are not meant as replacement for the manga books or meant to be used in a lucrative activity of any kind.


Current JKP Staff

Nickname: Admiral_thrawn, chibi`thrawn, Miri
Job: Scanner, webmaster and admin
Hobby: Destroying Worlds!
Quote: "May the Force be with you!"

Nickname: PoCHa, neko-pochi, chibi`pochi
Job: Scanner, proofreader and admin
Hobby: Sleeping, music and karaoke :3
Fact: "What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger."

Nickname: Sambaz
Job: Scanner
Hobby: sleeping and reading
Quote: "I love work, I can't stop watching it"

Nickname: Arcane
Job: Translator
Hobby: Videogames, Manga & Anime, Web design
Quote: "Its the end of the world! Look at the monsieur..."

Nickname: Aki
Job: translator
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: Sandoitchi, Parfait
Job: Translator
Hobby: food...sleep...food...sleep...oh, and food!
Quote: "argh still thinking argh!!!"

Nickname: Kyuuubi
Job: Translator
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: Rocket Panda
Job: Translator
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: OmegaIQ
Job: Translator
Hobby: Anime,Manga,Sports,Filmaking,Sleeping
Quote: "One without a Heart- FF4"

Nickname: Sigilz, siGilz, iner.tia
Job: Translator
Hobby: Kat chasing (XD)
Quote: "Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

Nickname: Kael Ishida
Job: Translator
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: Donmai, Donmai-, Doodnet
Job: Translator, Editor
Hobby: Gaming, manga, anime, music, soccer
Quote: "Donmai, Donmai!"

Nickname: Elocin
Job: Translator
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: Shimmy
Job: Proofreader
Hobby: NA
Quote: NA

Nickname: Apeman, Saru-kun, Hentai-sama
Job: Editor, webmaster and admin
Hobby: slave driving, searching for porn...
Quote: "Aaah! the opposition again! XD"

Nickname: Greenery, Greeny, Gross
Job: Editor and admin
Hobby: eating, sleeping, drinking
Quote: "Crap!"

Nickname: ravenousreader
Job: Editor and Ryuuroden leader
Hobby: Reading and slacking off.
Quote: "Put your faith in the Lord. Your ass belongs to me."

Nickname: Cecezz
Job: Editor
Hobby: Music, reading and drawing
Quote: "lala~"

Nickname: Shambalabanana, Fruitcake, Shambi
Job: Editor
Hobby: Annoying ppl, chess, manga
Quote: NONE!!!

Nickname: WielebnyTed
Job: Editor
Hobby: gardening and farming
Quote: "Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!"

Nickname: Toru_chan
Job: Editor
Hobby: NA
Quote: "NA"

Nickname: Desolo
Job: Editor
Hobby: NA
Quote: "NA"

Nickname: Caitlin
Job: Editor
Hobby: NA
Quote: "NA"

Nickname: Queen of war
Job: Editor
Hobby: NA
Quote: "NA"
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