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.::Star Ocean: till the end of time::.



Status: Ongoing (translators and editors needed).
Mangaka: KANDA Akira
Genre: Shonen, fantasy
Volumes: 7+



The Pangalactic Federation has already explored one third of the Milky Way and continues to research in its insatiable quest for even more power. But this technological advancement suddenly bring forth the doom of mankind. As the situation gets worse, a small group led by Fate Linegod appears as the only hope for humanity to survive...



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SO:TEOT - Volume 1

Chapter 01 - "A destined day"
Chapter 02 - "Star Ocean"
Chapter 03 - "Drifting Ashore"
Chapter 04 - "The ruins of Corfer"
Omake - "Sofia's summer of '72"


SO:TEOT - Volume 2

Chapter 05 - "Cliff Fittir"
Chapter 06 - "Star of destiny"
Chapter 07 - "Planet Elicoor II"
Chapter 08 - "Aireglyph's dungeons"
Omake - "A spy's first day"
SO:TEOT - Volume 3

Chapter 09 - "Larva Crab"
Chapter 10 - "Gale"
Chapter 11 - "Karlsa"
Chapter 12 - "Crossing the Karlsa mountains"
Omake - "One night at Cirlsour"
Omake - "Cirlsour's mystery"
SO:TEOT - Volume 4

Chapter 13 - "Cirlsour's mountain paths"
Chapter 14 - "The village of Arias"
Chapter 15 - "Cirlsour's training facility"
SO:TEOT - Volume 5

To be anounced
Japanese translators needed!
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