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General update.

Well, first of all sorry for our long inactivity. Consider it a summerbreak for the staff.^^ I myself was busy with work, uni and a big project and are getting slowly back to life.
Anyway, I'd like to inform everyone that we didn't drop any of our projects so no worries there. Thanks to switching to Vista, I lost a big bunch of emails, which I couldn't get back from the server (vista killed those too). So ppl who wanted to join please apply again... sorry for any inconveniences. :(
I think we'll slowly go back to work now, to bring everyone new stuff.

Admiral_Thrawn - August 30th, 2007


Behold as the Angel descends!

Perverts, rejoice! It's there! Now go to IRC and get your fill! Angel 36 is out!

MKoR - June 1st, 2007



No joke, no fake, but the real thing. It took ages, I know, but finally they are back. Grab SOTEOT 16 and SOBS 14 on IRC. Enjoy! :)
However don't expect fast releases, until we have more staff. We are looking for editors(all projects) and translators(Chinese:SOBS,SOTEOT,RYUU / Japanese:SOBS,SOTEOT,RYUU /French:Angel,Vitamin). So click here for more info if you are interest in helping out.
Finally give a big thanks to neko-pochi, for setting the stone rolling, MaxwellsDemon for returning from retirement to edit and of course to Sandoitchi and kyuuubi for some really fast translations.

Admiral_Thrawn - May 27th, 2007


As Promised...

At least the long promised Ryuuroden chapter 47. Took far longer than expected, but you can grab it now on IRC.
This time we are especially looking for Chinese translators and we could also need some editors. Check the join-us section if you are willing to join.^^

Admiral_Thrawn - April 14th, 2007


Happy after April Fools

We hope you didn't get caught... in our evil choosing which SO scheme. It was rather a fun and fast planning with Thrawn. Actually, it took us max 30 mins to discuss about it and to activate our plan. haha Maybe next year, we'll try har-
der to pull something off. But, maybe we won't.. since I said we might, every-
one would be on their guards and it wouldn't be as fun anymore. ::sadness::

But anyways, with this said (haha), we are still looking for japanese translators. So please apply to help us bring some more SOBS and SOTEOT releases for you guys!
Oh and btw, yesterday's Vitamin chapter wasn't fake.... IT WAS REAL!! OMGWTFBBQ!! ::shockness::

PoCHa - April 2nd, 2007


Bad news

After a long discussion and reflexion with the staff, we've decided that we have to drop one of the Star Ocean series. That way we can focus on the remaining one and might be able to release something, some day... The decision wasn't easy, but there's no other way, after such a long time on hold. So please vote in the poll which SO series you prefer. Note that the poll is only guideline to see which one seems to be more popular. The final decision will be made by the staff. Sorry about that, but we see no other way.
On a happier note we've got another chap of Apeman's favorite. You can get Vitamin chap23 on IRC. At least enjoy that one.^^

Admiral_Thrawn - April 1st, 2007



Another chapter of saW's(Apeman) favorite manwha! The beginning of volume 5, grab the new Vitamin chapter 22 on IRC. As for Ryuuroden, it's being worked on, same goes for Soteot, but we still needs Japanese translators. So everyone is welcome to join us.

Admiral_Thrawn - March 19th, 2007


Happy Birthday #3

A happy 3rd Birthday to JanKenPon!!! One day late (as usual), but at least it fits the date's number.^^ We got a little, but still valuable present for everyone. Grab Angel ch35 on IRC. For the many questions about Ryuu and Soteot: Ryuu will continue soon, but Soteot still needs Japanese translators. So anyone willing to join, contact us.

Admiral_Thrawn - March 3rd, 2007


54W is coolness +++++++

Hi! It was about time we release more Vitamin ne? Well, today, we have ch20 and ch21 for you all~ Hurry up and come grab them on IRC.
As it has been said in previous entries, we are still in need of Japanese to English translators for SO series! So if you can help, please apply! saW (aka Apeman) surely will reward you with mucho mucho luuuuv~ ;) ROAR

Pocha - February 26th, 2007


Angelic goodness

If it comes to writing the update the staff runs faster than a rabbit on speed... Well, at least I'm here to tell everyone that we got two chaps of Angel for you. Chapters 33 and 34 are out now on IRC. We even organized our own xdcc bot for easier/faster downloads. The packlist is in the xdcc section of the website. It's still in "test-phase", so if there's something wrong with the bot (i.e corrupt chapters) just leave me a message in pm. ;)

Admiral_Thrawn - February 5th, 2007


Always late...

This time I set a new record for being late... Well, Uni kept me very very busy. Anyway, Ryuuroden chapter 46 is out, grab it now, if you didn't do so already.^^ The next update will be earlier - promised.

Admiral_Thrawn - January 24th, 2007


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