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YATTA! Deadly boing boing attack!

And so... Another chapter of endless bitter sweet hentainess with c31 of Angel, all for your reading pleasure~ I'd like to take this opportunity and say that JKP is heavily under staffed right now. So we need editors and translators to join ASAP. Mail us at join@jankenpon.de please!

Apeman - December 1st, 2006



The JanKenPon staff wishes everyone a merry Christmas! We only got a little present for you right now, but I guess everyone will like it.^^ Chapter 32 of Angel is out, so you can get it on IRC. Enjoy the holidays and be assured there's more to come. ;)

Admiral_Thrawn - December 24th, 2006



Heya, this time I'm almost a week late... But I was busy animating some nude women for uni.^^ (seriously) So that all of you get some nudity aswell, grab Angel chapter30 on IRC, which has been out for some days already. We are always looking for new staff, so apply if you want to help.

Admiral_Thrawn - November 22th, 2006


Dragon Nest

Hello all! Long time no see, ne? Well, to start off this month, we have chapter 45 of Ryuuroden for you to grab at our chan on IRC. You don't want to miss this chapter. ;) Also, we are still in need of japanese translators for our Star Ocean projects. Apply pleeease~~

Pocha - November 3rd, 2006


Return of the Dragon

Hey there! Looks like I'm writing the update this time around so I'll get straight to the point. We've got chapter 44 of ryuuroden for all of you out there. We ALSO still need proofreaders for this great series and we're searching for japanese translators for the SO series, since I still haven't learned enough japanese to do it personally. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm one of the translators for our Vitamin project. I also idle around in the irc channel so I'll see you all there. That'sall for now, later.

OmegaIQ - October 15th, 2006


Not only fruits have vitamins

We have some too.^^ We released Vitamin vol04 chapter19, so go grab it on IRC. We are still looking for japanese translators, especially for the Star Ocean series, also we might need some proofreaders (recent applicants that didn't get an answer might want to send an email again, I lost some due to an error. Sorry about that.) Any interested people check out the "join-us section". On a side note: forums are down and have been removed for now.

Admiral_Thrawn - October 8th, 2006



I need a couple of editors for the angel series. They only need to know the basics of editing since the raws are already HQ. Some leveling, cropping, erasor and type setting tools are required. You can mail me directly at apeman@jankenpon.de with the results of the standard editing test that's in the "join the team section" if you want to help out with this. Oh yeah, and Angel c29 is out in IRC now! Have fun and see ya all around!

Apeman - September 8th, 2006


A vitamin-cake for the Ape!

Yeah, I know I'm late again... :/ Anyway, we've got a healthy chapter 18 of Vitamin for you, go and grab it on IRC. We're also desperatly looking for Japanese translators for the Star Ocean series. If anyone is interested, check out the "Join-us Section". On a sidenote, it's Apeman's birthday. So if anyone sees Ape, hand him some hentai or a banana. (According to him he became 158 Gorilla years old, which is approximately 80 human years^^)

Admiral_Thrawn - August 16th, 2006



A little update for this high quality release of D.Grayman c85. Some of you may be thinking if we're going to start editing it for good and the answer is... I don't know. I'm editing it alone so it can only be done cause I got some time to spare lately. We'll see for how long later, won't we? Meanwhile, see ya all around! Oh, and don't forget to vote in the poll, people!

Apeman - August 8th, 2006


More Hentai, More dragons

Why, hello there. It is an update. You are currently reading an update on the Internet. Our glorious team have prepared tasty treats exclusively for Your enjoyment. Among them is the highly erotic chapter 28 of Angel, chapter 43 of Ryuuroden and chapter 84 of D. Grayman.
We are recruiting people for our glorious team. We are in need of proofreaders, preferably fluent in french and english, for Vitamin. Also, we are in need of a japanese translator for Star Ocean series.

WielebnyTed - August 4th, 2006



Kosuke and Shizuka are back with more perverted adventures thanks to our new partners. knA provided HQ raws that allowed this release to happen, so have a word of thanks to their efforts and then you can run off to find the chapters on the IRC fservs! have fun! XD

Apeman - July 15th, 2006


No, we're not dead !!

I'll explain the reason why we were inactive so long. Lately, Apeman has seen the King Kong movie. His bestial instinct has been awaken and most members of the team go into hiding until its primary rage went out.
And then our hero appears. Ravenousreader has braved the the big monkey on top of a scrape sky (he was screaming something like Gwaaahh with his hentai collection under its right arm). Raven withdraw his editing blade and throw into the ape's face the chapter of ryuuroden which cause him to go into monkey island to refill its banana stock.So we're happy to announce that Ryuuroden chapter 42 is avalaible and waiting for you in the fserv.
Sambaz who hopes that the banana won't run out on the monkey island.

Sambaz - July 11th, 2006


Burned out

Hiya guys, its me Greenery! Like you all know me well >_< Anyhoo, the last chapters of our Oneshot Burn Up, chapter 2 and 3, are now up. Enjoy every moment of it and a message to Apeman from our friend Sambaz; (a bit of disclaimer first: I have nothing to do with it whatsoever) "You're the TIT-grabber". Oh and we desperately need Japanese translators and editors. So if you're up for it, email us now. Now off to Guild Wars!

Greenery - June 26th, 2006


Dragons taking Vitamins - part II

Sorry for the super late update (Uni kept me busy), but as some of you might have noticed the dynamic duo Ryuuroden and Vitamin got new releases. So gop and grab Ryuuroden ch41 and Vitamin ch17 on IRC. We are still looking for more staff, especially japanese and chinese translators, if you are interested check out the "join-us section" or contact us on IRC.^^

Admiral_Thrawn - June 22th, 2006


Burn-Up Excess&W

We've got a little surprise release this time. The first of three chapters of the oneshot manga "Burn-Up Excess&W" made by Oh! Great. Most people should know his works from famous mangas like Tenjo Tenge, Air Gear or Majin Devil. Look forward for lots of action and ecchi. ;) Come grab the chapter in our IRC channel and enjoy. (Beware it's 100+ pages long)^^ We are always looking for more staff, especially japanese and chinese translators, but for all other positions too (except maybe for admins :P ).

Admiral_Thrawn - June 3rd, 2006


Proofreaders needed!

We urgently need proofreaders on Ryuuroden, the new chapters are slow to come out cause no one qualified enough is checking the english after the translation is done. See, the job consists of correcting the sentences that can be corrected and enhancing those that cannot by rephrasing the sentence while keeping the meaning of it. It's not too hard for someone that is fluent in english so if you are, click on the join the team banner and take the test. See ya around!
EDIT by Thrawn: don't take this job lightly, Apeman is very strict when he is testing ;)

Apeman - May 31th, 2006


Sunny day~!

Yay!! Don't forget your sun screen! But, for those whose weather isn't as great, we have Vitamin c16 to make you less grumpy! Come get it on IRC. Also, we are currently looking for another Vitamin editor. If you are reliable and have some free time, please apply! We do take Pshop beginners for this title, but be sure you are willing to learn. :)

Pocha - May 28th, 2006


What the leaders need.

Ryuu chapter 40 has been released and has been for a while now. Sorry for the late update, but the lack of porn affects our great leaders. So other ways of speeding up releases or updates would be 1) Join us (Check the 'Join the team' link) or 2) Send porn to our leaders. :) You can grab the chapter from our IRC channel #jkp and don't forget to idle and talk there too!

MaxwellsDemon - May 1st, 2006



Hey everyone. We meet again for yet another JKP release. This time we got SOBS c13 and Vitamin c15. We’re also currently recruiting Japanese translators and editors, so email us at join@jankenpon.de if you’re interested in helping out. See ya all around.

Apeman - April 14th, 2006


A new partnership

Hello people, we are happy to announce a joint with Manga Jouhou. JanKenPon is now part of a group of more then 20 scanlation groups, which will work together to provide everyone with high quality manga, at a low price. Manga Jouhou acquired the licenses of some great mangas, so look forward to see thjose in your local bookstore in the near future. All mangas will also be available through the Manga-Click! system, introduced by Manga Jouhou aswell. Our current projects won't be affected by the sharing of staff, because every group provides only as much people as they can effort. To get to know more about this partnership read the full press release on the Manga Jouhou website. ^^

Admiral_Thrawn - April 1st, 2006


Dragons taking Vitamins

For all of you that waited so long, here a brand new chapter of Ryuuroden. Grab Ryuu 39 on IRC now. We also got chapter 14 of the more and more popular Vitamin for you. Be sure to grab them both! To make the work on Vitamin easier, we'd like to have another French translator. So if you are able to translate from french to English, like Vitamin and don't fear to be in an all girl team, check out the join-us section and contact us. ;)

Admiral_Thrawn - March 14th, 2006


Blitz Tactics

I don't know is this just me or do the project I attend to keep finding a rather fast end, first orphen then najica. Let's see what will happen to SO:BS >_>. Well anyhoo, i'm the schmuck who did the translating and editing on the last volume of Najica Blitz Tactics - Today we bring you the last 4 chapters of the third volume. I wanna thank Admiral_Thrawn for providing the raws and Apeman for being patient with QC-ing and proofing my stuff (which wasn't easy for him, because I tend to edit/translate when i'm quite drunk >_<). That concludes Najica, the second project that JKP has completed. I hope you like the boobs and action it has. We're still looking for translators (japanese) and editors (beginner ones for vitamin and a little more expirienced ones for our other projects). Bye and see you when we release new stuff~!

shambi - February 4th, 2006


One New Website, The Poll Is Back

Tadaaam!! A new website for JKP's readers eyes to enjoy. Also, as the title indicates, we brought the poll back to live. So, rock your body right! The poll is back alright! Woot~! hehe.. uhm.. Anyways, vote vote vote everyone!!! Oh yeah, and, to celebrate all this, we have Vitamin chapter 12 for you! Come get it on IRC. Enjoy!!

PoCha - January 22th, 2006


A New Year, A New Era for JKP

Hello! We hope you all had a great holiday! JKP wants to wish everyone a good year 2006! And as the first release of this new year, we have, not 1, not 2, but 3!!! Yes, 3 chapters of Vitamin [Chapters 9-11] just for you! That should complete Volume 02. Also, we are currently looking for a french translator for Vitamin. So, if you are reliable, fluent and have enough spare time, please apply by emailing Admiral_Thrawn or PMing any admin or op on the channel. There're also other jobs available, so just ask! :)

Pocha - January 7th, 2006


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