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Sambaz - December 10th, 2005
Hi people! It's time for an ecchi feast!! Please do a big up for Najica 14 and come in the channel to thank shambi (and Thrawn a little) for this wonderful chapter. Check out the "Join Us - Section", if you're interested in helping out.

Admiral Thrawn - December 4th, 2005
Yoh, everybody! After some long long time, we have another chapter of Najica for all of you. We decided to release the third and last volume of Najica, so look forward to more action, more girls and more ecchi! Najica 13 is available on IRC so come and get it, read it, love it! :)

Apeman - November 28th, 2005
Hi everyone. Let's start by the bad news, we can't keep up doing bleach in the high standard that we provided you with till now. The reason is that no one joined and the 2 people doing it now can't keep up. So! Either we get more people or else, it was fun, but it's over now! Next is today's release: Ryuuroden 7 and Bleach 202. Check the "Join Us" to apply to JKP for the jobs needed and see ya all around!

MaxwellsDemon - November 13th, 2005
Today was going to be your typical day with no releases... but no, someone in JKP thought of the great idea of releasing Bleach 201 HQ today. So today we have BLEACH 201! Come by our channel #jkp, download, and enjoy the chapter. By the way, those bleach maniacs out there, wouldn't you like to be part of the process of bringing high quality chapters to leechers everywhere?! Now's your chance. As it stands, we are in need of editors for bleach! Of course that's not all, there are many other positions that are still open. Check the "join us" section to see what positions still need filling and see if you qualify. Never hurts to try out. Who knows, if you succeed you'll be another member of our family... then I wouldn't have to do these updates anymore. :) For those who don't know me, I'm a new editor for JKP. I haven't done anything yet, and I'm skillfully avoiding all work thus far too. Wouldn't it be great to be like me? Just try a few tests over at the "join us" and if you are accepted I'll give you some pointers on how to escape work.

Pocha - November 5th, 2005
Hey all. Well, this was supposed to be released on the day of HALLOWEEN (i.e monday), but since some people didn't donate candies to us, we decided to make you wait! BWAHAHA.. So next year, GIVE US CANDIES! Oki oki, so what do we have today for you: Bleach chapter 200 and Vitamin chapter 8!! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy reading them! Also, I would like to point out that we are still needing more staff, editors and translators. We are searching for a Vitamin editor and some Bleach editors (A quote from saW: "The work for Bleach isn't hard, but it takes a bit of time"). As for the translators, we need japanese and chinese ones! If you are reliable and have some free time, POSTULATE!! Come to our channel or email Admiral_Thrawn (check the Join Us section). Happy Eid to everyone.

Apeman - October 25th, 2005
Hi everyone, bleach 196 is out now, don't ask about the others (specially not what happened to 197), they'll come later on. Apply to help out with editing if you're up to it, we can use some help. Some other positions are needed too, check out the "Join us" section for more about that.

Shambi - October 22th, 2005
Hi, leechers and other ppl that suck the living blood out of the scanlators. First of all i would like to announce a new release of Orphen, chapters 25 to 30 (alias volume 5) are available for download via irc. We hope you enjoy it Second (of all) we need new staff to release manga faster. Pleas look at the "Join us" section. Third (of all) BLEACH!!! We're gona pick up high quality Bleach scanlating when we get more editors, if not, we're probably gona drop it :<. Please apply when you're interested in doing HQ Bleach. Fourth (of not all) i'd like everyone to enjoy our releases and help us out in any when and where possible. This was shambi. Over and out.

Sambaz - October 10th, 2005
Hello happy folks today I was assigned by the big monkey who climbs the building and the guy who lost the star wars (come in the chan to see who they are) to announce you the release of not one but two (!!!) chapters of ryuuroden. So the chapter 5 and 6 of volume 2 in HQ quality are now avalaible. By the way we will be more than happy to welcome you in our staff since we always need motivated and skilled people to release faster. If you feel interested go and have a look in the "join us" section. You thought we have forgotten Orphen and Najica fans? But no!!! They each have a brand new page that describe their sensuous and magical adventures. Come and take a look, you won't regret it. That's all folks. See you next time.

Apeman - September 25th, 2005
Hi everyone, we got yet another release to anounce. Ryuuroden 35 and vitamin 7. That's right, ryuuroden is back in the game thanks to rocket panda. We need an editor for vitamin too, so check out the "Join us" section for more details. See ya all around.

Admiral_Thrawn - September 19th, 2005
Heya, it took us some time, but finally as Apeman promised we've got new Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for you. SOTEOT chapters 14 and 15 are now available on IRC, grab them while they are still hot. ;) Be prepared for more releases and presents coming pretty soon.

PoCHa - September 5th, 2005
Hello everyone!! Today, we have a special treat for the boys and the girls~~ A remake of Ryuuroden chapter4 for the boys and Vitamin chap6 for the girls! Come grab them in our channel :) Also, we are searching for chinese translators for Ryuuroden. If you are fluent in chinese/english and interested to join us, please come to our chan and pm Admiral_Thrawn or write him an email (check Join Us section)!! We are also recruiting some experienced editors. I think saW will be happy this time, I didn't write an essay XD too tired =_=;; Night all~!!

Admiral Thrawn - August 23th, 2005
Finally after a long time we have another chapter of Angel for all the pervs out there. (that reminds me I still haven't read it). XD Additionally we have another chapter of Vitamin, aswell as one more remade chapter of Ryuuroden. So if you don't have them yet, get Angel 26, Vitamin 5 and Ryuuroden 3 on IRC now!

Greenery - August 11th, 2005
We proudly announce to you guys that the whole volume 4 of Orphen has been released. Yup! Orphen volume 4! I'm gonna assure you guys won't get disappointed with vol 4. Lots of funny bits and new adventure!! Too bad with me, prior the release of Orphen flu struck me. Argh! I guess that means a good thing or is it the other way round -_-; Anyway, enjoy, leech and lurk all the way!

WielebnyTed - August 2nd, 2005
Hello everyone, WielebnyTed reporting! It's my first time writing an update. It's a beautiful day today, isn't it? Well, get ready to be slapped right in the face with some ingenious tactics! They say that "Duty creates Destiny"... what will be Shiro's fate? Does Cao Ren smell? You won't find the answers to these questions in the newly-released second chapter of Ryuuroden, but read it anyway! Regarding some other matters - we're still looking for new staff.

Admiral Thrawn - July 24th, 2005
Yoh people, I'm here to tell you SOBS ch09 is out! Go grab it on IRC. Wondering about the headline...? Well, quite some staff have computer problems, atm (me too, mainboard was broken...), so that's a reason why some projects are going slow right now. But be asssured, we try our best to bring you more manga as soon as possible. To do so we are still searching japanese and chinese translators, if you can help out feel free to contact us.

Sambaz - July 16th, 2005
Hi folks, here is sambaz for my first news (ya!!). Happy folks we're happy to announce you the release of a new adventure of your favorite spell caster, I men the marvelous, hilarous, bad temperous and talentous (dunno if they are all english words, but who care XD) Orphen. To sum it all Orphen chap 18 is here for your reading pleasure. I shall say that we'll be pleased to welcome you to our staff as we are now recruiting: (i let you here, but dunno if it's still on date). We are searching for a proofreader to redo earlier chapters of Ryuuroden as well.

Apeman - July 10, 2005
"Woa! What's this?" you ask? Well, Pocha was saying that we need a new website since the orange layout was getting old... I'm not sure it's totally better than the old one but at least it's a change. We still need new staff as some empty seats are getting heavy, look at the list in the "join us" section if you're interested in helping out. And for translators, there's no need to be able to write an essay, just someone that can read manga.

Hiro.au - July 9, 2005
Anyhow, for you special leechers, we give you SOTEOT ch13 and a newly redone version of Ryuuroden ch01. But this comes at a cost! We need more translators and editors... surely there must be a few people that are capable of such skills. If you think you're up to it and willing to help out, click on 'Join us' and take your respective test. Read the instructions and blah blah blah... If we manage to get more staff, you guys will get more chapters. /me sneaks off and plays more BF2, suckers!

Apeman - July 2, 2005
This is to anounce that www.mangareaders.com has got its downloads back. Those of you that have been following our releases for a while now should know we were previously hosted by MR and now some of the downloads are back. Have a look for yourselves and remember to read and respect the rules before anything else. Oh, SOBS 8 and Orphen 17 are released as well.

Admiral Thrawn - June 26, 2005
It's release time again.^^ Today we have the extra of Soteot vol.3 and Vitamin chap.4 for you! Also we forgot to announce that we released Orphen 16 some time ago. >_>;; We are still looking for more staff, so if you want to join, contact us. Anyway just visit us on IRC to grab the newest chapters.

Greenery - June 4, 2005
Although our website is a bit late announcing our latest release, but I've been raped wildly thanks to Angel 25. To Star Ocean fans, we bring you guys Star Ocean: Blue Sphere 7. So now please leech me tenderly and also I want a PS3 to make my waffles.

kr - May 27, 2005
Another update for another release, we got Vitamin 2 and 3 released in IRC. You guys should really thank Mrs. mighty scanner (Pocha) when you see her! More news are that we're still searching and recruiting for new staff so you might also want to check out the list below while you're at it... And for the Playstation fans, I really hope you got to see the PS3 on the E3... Man, that's some piece of heavy artillery! XD

Admiral_Thrawn - May 24, 2005
I know I am super late... but Orphen 15 is out. You can get it on IRC. More releases will come soon. :D

Admiral_Thrawn - May 15, 2005
Okay finally another release. It's only one chap, but you can get Star Ocean: Blue Sphere chap6 on IRC now. More releases will follow soon. Also we still need more staff, so if you are capable to take one of the jobs listed below, check out the join-us section.

dArKzLevIN- May 7, 2005
Ahoy-hoy to you all. . . JanKenPon has currently opened up a few vacant spots for our projects. This includes:
2 French Translators and 2 Editors for our project "Angel";
1 Japanese Translator for "Star Ocean: Blue Sphere";
2 Editors for "Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time";
1 Chinese Translator For "Ryuuroden";
1 French Translator for "Vitamins" Project.

If you are interested please click on the "Join Us" link or head to our mirc channel( #jkp @ irc.irchighway.net) and give me(dArKzlevIN), Admiral_Thrawn, Greenery or PoCHa a message with you E-Mail.

Apeman - April 27, 2005
Hi all, this is Apeman for a final update. Yep, that's right, I'm leaving JKP for real life's troubles and worries... And so, the new owner is now Thrawn, please send any stuff to him instead of me at this email. Other than that, SOTEOT 11 & 12 are now released as we speak in IRC. Have fun, take care and see you all around someday!



Pocha - March 25, 2005
OYE OYE! JKP needs your help! We need an editor and a french translator for a new project (JKP's first shoujo manga :) ). If you are interested, email Apeman about it or come to our chan and msg PoCHa (me >_>; ). The tests are in the "join-us" section. :) Thanks a bunch!!

Coriolis - March 20, 2005
Hi, it's Coriolis. You know, the distro bitch, and now slave of the revived(been dead for a whole year!!)SOBS project under the project leader,Sambaz. Because of this abuse, there will be 3 new chapters to be released. So before it is released, remember to help distro it in our channel. Oh, a Japanese translator is always needed, so if you are availiable, PM any ops or email monkeyman. Oh righto. there is triple release. Wait. I already said that. Bah. Star Ocean Blue Sphere chapters two through 4 are now out. Get into the channel and start raping. I mean leeching. Actually, it doesn't matter. It's the same anyways. Bottom line is. 3 new releases. SOBS c2,3,4. Leech away. Idle in channel. Give us XDCC bots. Fserv our releases. Give us translators. Or else, we'll use the Golden Banana. You don;t want that....now do you? ;)

Shambi - March 11, 2005
Ok, here's the deal. We're releasing Ryuuroden chapters 29, 30 & 31. That's right 3 chapters, so please be gentle with our fservs, they're already raped (oh and don't leave the chan right away. IDLE LEECHERS, IDLE!). Which brings us to the other thing - we need fastspeed, multisend & really cool xdcc bots, that can help us serv our releases. If you think you could help us with that join our chat on irc.irchighway.net #jkp and talk to an op.Also we still need japanese translators to help us out on some projects. Again join our chat if you think that you have what it takes. Furthermore... I'm looking for a manlier nick, 'cause PoCHa gave this one to me and thrawnie keeps calling me a fruit cake T_T! If you can help me in this desperate time please pm me in the chat! :>

Apeman - March 5, 2005
Hi everyone, this update is to make an important anouncement... At this time, one year ago, I was typing the first update on the first JKP website. One year has passed since and I would like to thank all the people that contributed, the ones that stick with me all this time, the new people that joined and everyone else that helped us in various ways. Hopefully, we'll be around for a lot more and do what we do best. Happy first year anniversary to JanKenPon! Cheers! :)

Admiral_Thrawn - March 4, 2005
Heya, everyone! It was really time for a release, wasn't it? So, as a reward for everyone who waited we've got Angel 23 and Orphen 13, today! Well, that's all for now... no endless updates like some other fellows. ;P

Apeman - February 3, 2005
Yo! No releases this time. For the less "interested" people, we got a couple of changes on the website. The links section has been updated and modified, check it out. Another thing are the links in the shoutbox. Those guys have limited bandwith and it's unlikely that they'll have enough for everyone. So IRC is still the best place to get your stuff. We'll try and get back our HTTP as soon as we can. Patience.

Admiral_Thrawn - January 31, 2005
Yes, the rumors in the shoutbox were true! XD The late entry for yesterdays release was Ryuuroden 28. If you don't have it already, you can get it now on IRC.^^

dArKzlevIN - January 30, 2005
Whoaaaaaaaaaaa... its me again... XD dats right, and guess what? This update involves the release of Star Ocean: Till The End Of TIme volume 2 EXTRA and Chapter 22 of Angel (ero ecchiness presented to you directly by his hentainess *coffapemancoff*). Once again we are searching and recruiting EDITORS for RYUURODEN, that's right you heard me; We are recruiting editors for that series so if you are insterested please hit the JOIN button located on the top right of the page or if you happen to use mIRC, you can pop into #JKP @ irc.irchighway.net and message any of the OPs WITH your EMAIL and CONTACT DETAILS. We are also looking for FSERV or XDCC bots for the channel so if you can host one please let us know too. Well that's all from me XP until the next time I update, feel free to come to our channel and chat. I guess this is all for now, over and out.

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