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Apeman - December 25, 2004
I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the JKP team. Some changes on the website as you may have noticed: we got a shoutbox now and some major changes in layout terms. Other news would be the 2 releases for today: SO:TEOT 8 and Najica 12. Mmm... what else? Right, the downloads are back to normal starting today, it was fun while it lasted but it's too much of a pain to maintain so head down to IRC if you still need something. Ah, and we need a Japanese translator for star ocean. Meanwhile, have fun and see you all around!

Admiral_Thrawn - December 16, 2004
Downloads are up, again. :) A few Ryuuroden chapters are still missing, but I'll add them the next days. Please report any broken links or corrupted files (either on IRC or mail me at: Thrawn).

Admiral_Thrawn - December 7, 2004
Short and simple: Ryuuroden-27 is out!^^ Get it on IRC, now! Btw, don't miss the fabulous update of Pocha!!! Read below! XD

Pocha - December 5, 2004
Whaaaat?! SOTEOT-07 is being released with Najica-11 and Angel-21, the ecchi-hentai fav 2?!? What the heck is happenning in this fabulous chapter?!? :o Let's all head to the chan to leech and find out!! :warrior pose: And, we, JKP, need you NOW! Yes YOU! YOU who has a hiding editor or a hiding jap trans in lil YOU! If you are interested to join our super battle war agaisnt snowmen domination, go check in the "Join Us" section. And on a sadder side, the downloads are still down until further notice. But, isn't that a chance to come to a fun channel and leech?!? I know that YOU, yes YOU, feel that urge to come! So, COME!!! :different warrior pose: Also, as some of you might have noticed, distro's fserv are having a priority system now. If you don't wanna get your queues bumped and bumped, please fserv!! On a happier note, the forum's link is fixed now!! So, GO ENROLE YOURSELF!!! NOW!!And uhmm... my fellows, my lovely lil darlings, STOP SPAMMING APEMAN'S EMAIL! Or if you do, make sure you send him some nicelish hentai pics too~! ;)

Admiral_Thrawn - December 4, 2004
Sorry everyone, another problem has showed up. The http downloads are gone for now. I'll look into it to replace them as soon as possible. But big thanks to Engin-bay who helped us to continue our work, so we can provide everyone with more manga.^^

Apeman - November 26, 2004
There's two chapters today. Najica-02-010 and also Angel-03-020 that is back after a while. JKP needs editors and a japanese translator so if you can do either of those, just e-mail me in the "join us" section. See ya around!

Darkzlevin - November 13, 2004
For today the main point is the release of Ryuuroden Chapter 26!!! and also Star Ocean Till End Of Time Chapter 6!!! If you all are interested in faster releases then please help us out in a few ways. The best way of course is to join our team, we currently require a new Editor and also a very important Japanese Translator; so if you are interested please head down to #JKP @ Irc.irchighway.net and notify one of the Operators or Admins. Or just e-mail Apeman in the "join us" section.
quote of the day :
* chibi`rameesh is now known as Admiral_Chick
* Admiral_Chick pinches her nipples
<@Admiral_Chick> >_>
<@Admiral_Chick> ok i'm getting too horny XD
<@Admiral_Chick> ja^^
<@darkzlevin>hurray for the crossdresser!!

Pocha - November 2, 2004
Heya all. New hot releases coming out today: Ryuuroden 25 and SOTEOT 5! That last one was meant to be out long ago.. But oh well, it got delayed because of rameesh's incompetence. So, get on IRC, flood and spam him to death while you leech~! Also, Orphen 8 was released a bit ago, but thrawn forgot to make a update!! So, another reason to get on irc: huggle him tight tight tightish. And something special will happenish. ;)

Admiral_thrawn - October 24, 2004
The update is late again... but for all who don't now yet, Soteot 4 and the Soteot Omake are available on IRC! Enjoy reading or just continue to play the game! ^^

Apeman - October 18, 2004
A bit late for the update but still... We released Ryuu24 and Orphen7 in IRC, have fun!

Admiral_thrawn - October 14, 2004
Here, we got an ecchi release for you! ^^ Najica 9 and Angel 19 are out! Get them on IRC now. So, why are you still here? The girls are waiting for you!!! XD

Apeman - October 9, 2004
Some new releases coming your way, people. Star Ocean: till the end of time, chaps 2 and 3 have been released. Some people asnwered our call for editors too which makes the releases going a lot more smooth. Anyway, enjoy!

Admiral_thrawn - October 2, 2004
Heya, some good and some bad news here. First the good ones Ryuuroden 23b and Najica 8 are out! Get them now on IRC. The bad news are that our forum and our project-sites/downloads are down, atm. We hope to fix the problems soon. Other than, that enjoy todays chapters.^^

Anime_king - September 26, 2004
Yo! The update for now... Let's see.... Well we have Ryuu chapter 23a, hope you enjoy it! ^^ And also... We are in need of more editors as Apeman was doing too much work himself. We have now put some of our projects on hold, until we get new editors who can help with those. Apeman... Yes... I need an insult... I can't stop here!!! "HIS MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER AND HIS FATHER SMELT OF ELDERBERRIES" - quote from Monty python.

Apeman - September 19, 2004
Seems like there was a small problem in the SOTEOT-chap2a... saving problems cost us a lot in graphics being screwed over... So! We released the [JKP]SOTEOT-v01-ch002Av2.zip for you all! Sorry for the trouble.

Admiral_thrawn - September 18, 2004
A big release today! We've got all you want! Ryuuroden 22b, SO:teot 2a and Angel 18. Get them on IRC now! However we still need more editors, so we have to delay some of our projects. These will be Angel and Najica. Sorry about that but if you wanna help look in the "join us" section. ^^

Apeman - September 12, 2004
Shiro shiro he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! Go Ryuu! Go Ryuu!
Oh and [JKP]Ryuuroden-v06-ch22a is out in cheerleader style! XD

Anime_king - September 6, 2004
Hmmm, today we have chapter 6 of the great manga Orphen! and chapter 21c of Ryuuroden! Hope you enjoy it! I'm sorry we left you a week without Orphen... But you got a little extra chap before that week... so i hope it made up for it. And now we are going to release the chaps in big chaps instead of half ones. This is all thanks to the MONKEYMAN!!!! Who thought me some more editing! :D

Apeman - September 5, 2004
The missing angel 15 is now in #JKP... Yep, irchighway is back from that big netsplit.

Apeman - August 26, 2004
A quick update to tell you that [JKP]Orphen-v01-ch005 is now in IRC. Enjoy!

Anime_king - August 22, 2004
Yet another update from the King. It's been a while now, but I have finally gotten to write an update :P So now we have Orphen 3 and 4, Ryuuroden 21a and Angel 16 released, don't forget to get your claws on these goodies ^^ Also... Angel 15 will be delayed for a few days. Sorry about that.. I think Ape had too many bananas lately... And he gets kind of weird after eaten too many... If you know what I mean....

Admiral_thrawn - August 13, 2004
Here we go! Ryuuroden 21 is out in IRC and the corrupt link for Ryuuroden 20 is fixed now. Bad news for all Bobobo fans. We dropped it because we got no raws. :( But don't worry, we already have a new project! JanKenPon proudly announces: Star Ocean - Till the End of Time! We also got some new members. Give a warm welcome to Sushi and vahn_18! They will help us, to bring you even more manga! :)

Apeman - August 12, 2004
Big news, we released Orphen 2b and Najica 6 in IRC. JKP also needs one experienced editor, anyone that is interested e-mail me using the staff page!

Apeman - August 7, 2004
Angel chapter 14 is released and in IRC.

Apeman - August 6, 2004
Ryuuroden is now released in IRC. I also updated the website a bit. Projects section is now called Manga and a page was added for the new project. Don't bother looking for http links in it, they are not available yet. Now for some license news, Najica was licensed after all and the http links were cancelled as said in the disclaimer. Oh, and welcome to the Ryuuroden team, two nice gals that just joined to work on that project with me: A_chan and Quincey!

Admiral_thrawn - August 4, 2004
Heya, here some news! First of all, we just released Orphen 2A and Najica 5! Get them on IRC now! Another thing is, we are still in need for an editor! If someone is interested check out the "Join us" section. The last for today is the announcement of a new project. We will pick up Ryuuroden, which was scanlated to volume five, but unfortunately dropped! More info on it will follow soon!

Apeman - July 31, 2004
WE ARE SEARCHING FOR ONE NEW EDITOR. E-mail me if interested! Previous experience is greatly appreciated and an IRC user if possible (but that's not a must). Also, Angel 13 is out in IRC now.

Apeman - July 30, 2004
The download and projects have been merged in one big section including both. However, downloads are down until Thrawn fix the stuff. Patience people, or head over to IRC, there is a FAQ explaining how in the "Join Us" section. That would be all for today, later! :)

Apeman - July 25, 2004
A quick update to tell you that Angel 12, Orphen 1B and Najica4 are now in IRC. Enjoy!

Anime_king - July 18, 2004
Another update by the glorious anime_king! Let's have a look at the news shall we? Well we got out Angel 11 for all you perverts out there. And we got chapter 1A of our new Project Sorcerer Stabber Orphen, which i must say i find interesting, so check it out! Today's taunting of Ape: Apeman does not like Bannanas. Surprising.. Isnt it? o.o

Apeman - July 14, 2004
THREE CHEERS FOR FRANCE'S INDEPENDANCE DAY! VIVE LA FRANCE! And have a thought for the french people that bring you Angel... :)

Admiral_thrawn - July 13, 2004
The website is back up, so a quick update! Najica3, Bobobo2 and Angel10 are out in IRC, for those of you that still don't know about that, get them now. Unfortunately our joint with yanime ended and we had to put Bobobo on hold. We will try to continue it, but therefore we need raws. So we would be happy, if anyone could provide us with them. However, we already found a replacement for Bobobo, look forward to "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen" our newest project (big thanks to Cecezz) and finally give our newest staff members Pocha and chibi´rameesh a warm welcome..

Anime_king - July 5, 2004
Aaaah I'm back after a good vacation. Well since Apeman finally understood that he shouldn't write wrong passwords when trying to access an ftp, we now have the new address with a new website: http://jkp.mangareaders.com/ so just forget about the old one. Oh and Najica 2 is out now, so hurry up and get it! ^^

Apeman - June 29, 2004
Angel 009 and SOBS 001b are now realeased and in IRC, enjoy! Why are we so late? Well all staff are either having final exams or travelling. Some have both so it doesn't make releasing easy... Patience. Some news of Bobobo to come though, stay tuned!

PoCHa - June 19, 2004
Morning. Yeah, it's me again. As said in the last update, we got this new project called Najica, and today!!!! The first chapter is out!! (OMG!! drooling alert!) Go grab it on IRC and droooo~ool!!! Hehehe.. And for our cute Bobobo lovers, Bobobo is active again!!!! (OMG!! IQ dropping alert!) Stay tuned for more chaps and drop your IQ!! Hehehe... ^__^ *bows* *licks and huggles miri* *bows*

Apeman - June 18, 2004
Two anouncements today: the first is that Angel 8 is now released and in high quality starting of today. The second is a new project of the Jankenpon team which is named Najica. More details on the projects page and first chapter is starting next week.

Anime_king - June 14, 2004
OK... Seems like I'm finaly back in the game. I had lots of computer trouble so anyway.... SOBS chapter 1 is FINALLY out.... I know you die-hard fans have waited long, and you havent waited for nothing... ( I think XD ). So i hope you all enjoy Star Ocean blue sphere, as much as I'm gonna enjoy it, have fun reading it! ^^ Fact of the day: Apeman is not an ape... He is a monkey!

Apeman - June 11, 2004
A little change in the website since I can't make up my mind on a final layout... And a little note: be ready for next week's special surprise! :D

Apeman - June 8, 2004
Angel 7 is out in IRC and with it, the end of the 4 chapters "conflict" arc. Enjoy!

Apeman - May 29, 2004

The conflict between the Mob'N'Roll and the Black Harleys is almost over as... No spoilers... Get your Angel 6 in IRC right now! Some news on SOBS that is soon to be released too so keep tuned for its first chapter! Sorry we been delaying it for so long.

PoCHaCc0 - May 24, 2004

Hi there. Me again. My second update. Wee *coughs coughs* wee.. *coughs*. Angel is out, till chap 5. Leech it. Read it. Drool lots.. but be careful: Keyboard + Drools = Bad bad.. *nods nods*. Hmm.. still need Japanese to English translators and some experienced editors wouldn't be too bad. So, go to staff page and email that Apeman guy if you are interested to join. Thanks thanks. *bows* ^__^ *gets butcher knife out, jumps on Ape and stabs stabs stabs* ^___^

Apeman - May 19, 2004

Wow, that sure was fast, eh? Angel 3 is in IRC right now, enjoy! Japanese translators still needed though!

Apeman - May 18, 2004

Hi. Good news: Angel 2 is now out and expect 3 soon! Also, SOBS is not out yet, there has been misunderstandings with dailymanga it seems cause it's on its way out... Minor delays made it take longer than we thought it would. Well, now to the request: we need a japanese translator for the Bobobo project. The one we had lost her PC and isn't scanlating anymore. Bobobo is basically a 1 chapter per week project so not much work. Anyone that can help please e-mail me in the staff section. Also, thanks to Thrawn, we now have a temporary http, get out releases here.

Apeman - May 14, 2004

'SUP?! The following goes to all of you pervs out there: Seek our newest project on IRC which is "Angel" by U-JIN! Chapter 1 is released. This however will be an IRC only project so you need to know how to use it... And thanks to Thrawn for hosting Bobobo temporarely on his http untill we get our mangareaders section ready. James has gone missing in action for a while now... Anyway, get Bobobo chapter 1 here.

Anime_king - May 8, 2004

Hi again. Well we havent updated in a while but finally we officially got out our first chapter: BOBOBO chapter 1! Come to IRC and download it! ^^ We still haven't been able to upload it to Mangareaders... That will hopefully come soon. Apeman has updated the site... *cough* again *cough* and we are working on Star ocean blue sphere, right now. So i dont think it will take long before you leechers get it ^^

Apeman - April 16, 2004

Ok... I'm the one doing the update this week... Why? Well lot of good will but no experience in the team so it doesn't make organizing the releases easy... And the translator disappeared again... We will be delayed once more but hopefully this will be the last time. Oh and the layout changed again since Pocha kept complaining about it always loading when switching pages. IRC's rule 5, people... Always remember rule 5! XD "PoChaCc0 is always right, if wrong re-read this from the beginning"

Da_joker - April 9, 2004

After much adue, we have now finally agreed on doing Bobobo and Star Ocean Blue Sphere. And of course the releases got delayed (again -___-). Also check out our new IRC TOP5 people, and give a warm welcome and three cheers to our newest members Itachi and Halla!

PoCHaCc0 - April 2, 2004

Hi. Lost the jap translator. Found her back. One week late for the first release. Don't cry. And layouts changed again. Ape is kinda unstable as we all can see. Come to see us on the "not opened to public yet" chan.

Anime_King - March 26, 2004

BOOOYA! Here's my first update!! We have finally found a translator!!! So in a week's time our not so long awaited scanlation begins!!!! Apyboy is also finished fixing the new layout for the site. And remember, if animals were not meant to be eaten, then why are they made out of meat?

Apeman - March 19, 2004

OK... So I finally got somewhere with that layout... XD Tsss... Anyway, we are searching for JAPANESE and CHINESE translators. Anyone that can help is welcome to do so! ^^

Apeman - March 12, 2004

Yup, my second attempt to make a decent looking website... I still suck just as much on design though... I never were an art kind of person. Gah! Nevermind! We'll see about that later, enjoy the new design!

Apeman - March 5, 2004

THE LAUNCH OF THE JANKENPON TEAM'S WEBSITE! My first website coding.. It was a painful experience... XD Well, it ended up OK as you can see so here are the first news, people: The objective of this site is to build my grand hentai army and harem! Joking, joking. It will be used to host the jankenpon team's manga scanlations but we still need a Japanese translator... Blah! In the meantime, get the download section, it will be updated regularly!

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