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Status: Completed
Mangaka: TAKUYA Tashiro
Genre: Ecchi, adventure
Volumes: 3



Najica is the manga based on the Najica Blitz tactics anime. A description, you ask? Well... a secret agent that is "exposed" most of the time which has for side kick a little girl that wield around big guns and beat the crap out of men 10 times her size... Their specialty is to deal with drug dealers, black market sellers, mafia, you name it. A piece of advice: if you haven't read this yet, get it now!



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Najica - Volume 1

Chapter 01 - "Lila's rescue"
Chapter 02 - "The fight club"
Chapter 03 - "The casino's destruction"
Chapter 04 - "The land of roses (part 1)"
Chapter 05 - "The land of roses (part 2)"
Chapter 06 - "Highway chase"


Najica - Volume 2

Chapter 07 - "An all girl school"
Chapter 08 - "The ship tour (part 1)"
Chapter 09 - "The ship tour (part 2)"
Chapter 10 - "Top star"
Chapter 11 - "Zone D4"
Chapter 12 - "A humalite on a lonely island"


Najica - Volume 3

Chapter 13 - "Desert Fox"
Chapter 14 - "The incident"
Chapter 15 - "Operation Electric (part 1)"
Chapter 16 - "Operation Electric (part 2)"
Chapter 17 - "Operation Electric (part 3)"
Chapter 18 - "Operation Electric (part 4)"
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