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Join The JKP team

If you'd like to join us as an editor or a translator; feel free to take one of the JKP tests below but read the instructions inside the zip file before you start. You can then send your results to join-us@jankenpon.de via e-mail. New members are always welcome since more staff means that we can release faster while each person has less work to do.


Currently needed

- Japanese Translators for the Star Ocean series
- Chinese Translators For "Ryuuroden"
- Advanced editors for "Angel"
- Proofreaders for "Ryuuroden"
Other positions are not needed at this time.


JKP Tests

- Japanese translator test
- Chinese translator test
- Proofreader test
- Standard editor test


Join JKP's IRC channel

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a chatting and file sharing program that is recommended to any manga fan. Here is our info on IRC: the channel is #JKP on the irc.irchighway.net, chatting and manga available.


IRC help for newbies

For those that don't know anything about IRC, you first need an IRC client that you can find here then read this short FAQ that I made and you should be there in no time!
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