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This FAQ is divided in 5 sections:



So... You want to know about IRC, huh? Well you've come to the right place! OK, the lesson is free and useful so open your eyes wide and focus for a bit. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and mIRC is the free program that takes you to IRC using Microsoft Windows so you first need to download this program at www.mirc.com now! There are others programs that allow you to connect on IRC but mIRC is the most basic so it's the best for you right now. The IRC world is divided by servers and each server hosts many channels. SO basically, to find the "action", you have to get on the right server then ask for the channel that you want. In our case, the server is irc.irchighway.net and the channel is #JKP. So when you got those you will be taken to some virtual place with people in it. How does it work? Well you can do 2 things: chat and download. Take some time to notice that there are 3 categories of people though!

OP people are in charge. Each channel has its OPs, it's the people that make sure that the channel's rules are well respected and that everyone gets access to the channel's services. You will recognize them by the @ or ! sign right in front of their names.

VOICE people that have some advantages. They get special treatment in thanks for their services to the channel. They help in one way or another so they get the + sign in front of their names. The advantages they get are either access to more downloads than normal people, or higher queue priority, etc.

NORMAL people, newbies at IRC and people that don't contribute with anything. That's you! :)



Now you have downloaded mIRC and have a vague idea of what's waiting for you, so next you need to install it. When you are done, open the program and... WOA! What's all of this do? Yeah, we all been there, nothing to be alarmed about.

First you fill in the options menu. It's supposed to pop up alone when you start up the program but in case it didn't, you can find it in the tools menu. Fill in your name, e-mail, nickname and alternative nickname. Note that you don't need to give the real information, anything will do.

Next move from the "Connect" menu you just filed to the "DCC" menu, you must decide if you want to turn on the auto-get. It's useful when you download because it automatically accepts any file that is sent to you. That includes viruses though. It never happened to me or my friends but you never know... I suggest turning it on only when you are downloading many files and turning it off the rest of the time.

Last, in the "DCC" sub-menus, look for the one called 'Server'. You need to check Enable DCC server, Listen on port 59 then check listen for send, chat and fserve.

If you followed all of my instructions then press OK. You are now ready to go! But if I'm ready, why the hell is there only a blank screen, you ask? Well I'll answer that in the next section! :)



Nice, you are almost there! Remember when I talked about servers and channels earlier? That would be what you need to give mIRC right now. Here is what you do:

First comes the server, you need to type the command in the chatting box. See that long and thin box in the lower end of the window? That's where you input all your text. So you now input: /server irc.irchighway.net and wait a few secs. I bet you are thinking that's a lot of text that came out. Well, when it stops that means you are now on a server and that next you need a channel.

Second comes the channel, you type in the same place: /join #JKP and you'll be right in the channel of the Jankenpon scanlations group. All channels have a # in front of their names.

You do the same procedure for any other server and channel that you may want to join. I advise you to start in small channels since the big ones are pretty confusing at first. Oh! And you can be in more than one channel at a time. First read the topic, it's the colored lines that came out when you joined, that give a quick idea of the channel. Make sure of the rules by typing !rules and you're done. Now you're on your own! :)



Ah yes! The reason why you used IRC in the first place: download manga. Well a little explanation first: you download directly from people that offer you their own collection through fserves. The people that possess these fserves are VOICED. Remember to be nice at all times since these people are nice enough to let you download from their collection.

Anyway, you can download from these people but you will have to take turns with the other leechers. It's on the first come, first served principle. "WHAT? THAT SUCKS!" you may be saying right about now? Well a lot of stuff is too big to be hosted on internet sites and that's where fserves come in. Also, assuming you know the right channels, you'll find stuff there that you have been searching for quite a long time so it's worth it.

Let me tell you right now: you can't make an fserve with the basic mIRC so you'll need www.sysreset.com, download the mIRC extension pack. Once you get some experience in IRC, try and contribute to the community. Still, right now, follow what's happening around you.


If you want something in particular, you can try the @find command. Like that: @find Angel and the fserves that have the @find activated will pop out in new windows to you.

If not, cause some fserv don't support @find anyway, type !list to have a list of all the fserves available to you in your current channel. Now all that is quite colorful, isn't it? If you look closely, you'll notice the names of the people and all kind of info in colors. You need to break down the info. What you really are interested in are 3 parts only: "description", "queues" and "triggers".

Description briefly tells you what is inside the fserve. queues is how many people you'll have to wait before your turn to download comes. EX: [9/20] means that 20 people can queue and that 9 people are queued before you. Finally, triggers is the key to opening the fserve. You need to copy/paste it to get in! Should look like this: [/ctcp Apeman some releases] you copy what is inside the brackets using ctrl+c and paste it in the same place where you chat with ctrl+v. Make sure no signs are in front of it or behind it, what you want is the /ctcp Apeman some releases only! Now press enter. If it works then you are in the fserve you targeted.

The inside of an fserve work like the DOS command prompt, you first type dir to see what's inside. Then you must be able to make the difference between files and folders! Files got name with extensions such as .zip or .rar or .jpg, etc. While folders got just the name. Now to travel from files to folders and get the files you want, use those:

To get inside a folder: cd [insert folder name]
To list the contents of a folder: dir
To get out of a folder: cd..
To queue a file: get [insert filename and extension]

So let's say the file you want is Black_Cat_V01.zip in the BC folder, what you have to do once in the fserve is:
cd BC
get Black_Cat_V01.zip

Now imagine you changed your mind once inside the BC folder and want the LoveHina_volume1.zip that's in the LH folder:
cd BC
Thinking: Erhm... Nope, I want the other one...
cd LH
get LoveHina_volume1.zip

Some fserves have a time limit so you may have like 1 minute to queue what you entered for. Be fast and use the ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste names of files and folders, it will go faster!

After you used the get command, you either start downloading if no one is before you. But if there already are people before you, you wait till their download is done then your turn comes automatically. If you have the tendency to leave your PC running the download while you do something else, turn on the auto-get in the options. If not, you have to be there to press "accept" when your turn comes. Enjoy your manga! :)



A little warning first: YOU MAY NOT CHANGE, MODIFY or USE the contents of this here FAQ to make one of your own. I worked hard to make this and so should you! Ahem, now that I said that, I hope this FAQ was usefull to you. Remember that the IRC world is many times bigger than what I explained in this FAQ but you'll have to learn the rest on your own. Have a good time on IRC and try to stay in #JKP@irc.irchighway.net while you are there please, it would help us a lot! :)
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