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The Angels are singing

Together with our friend from Kindan no Aku we present you a brand new chapter of ANGEL. You can get Angel 37 on IRC, now!!! Hopefully, more in the near future. Other releases should be on the way too.

More helping hands in all areas would be appreciated.^^

Admiral_Thrawn - November 17th, 2008


A little extra for our SO fans

So... about a week has passed since we released a chapter of Vitamin and Ryuu to the masses. All the while, the SO fans screamed for more releases (this could just be a figment of my imagination). Upon hearing these (again... might be imaginary) screams, Thrawn leapt into action by... having a staring contest against a spider. Upon completing his match, which he claims to have won (the spider tells a different story), he set out to do what no one in JKP wanted to do... WORK! Long story short (actually it's quite long already), we have today, an omake for the SOBS fans out there. HAH to all the SOTEOT, power to the SOBS! (Clever use of "little extra" and omake, right? :P )
Also, we DO have another chapter to release... but alas, we have hit a snag. Our once labourous workforce have dwindled and require replenishment. If you can either translate Japanese->English or Chinese->English. Please for the love of humanity, join us. :) If you can edit, also feel free to join us. There are perks! Perks like being able to make fun of Thrawn! Oh the joys~. Also access to raws! You might be thinking... "I don't know Jap or Chinese, what good would raws do?" The answer? To look at pretty pictures!
That said, please join if you can do either, translate or edit. Even those who don't really know how to edit but have access to photoshop or gimp (it's free so ALL of you should be able to get it),but willing to learn should join. There's so many releases we want to do, but so little people to do the work! Also... take this as a plea for help from a guy who claims to have retired but since retirement has done more in terms of releases than he has when active.

MaxwellsDemon - May 10th, 2008


It's only been 11 months!!

So, finally, we have something for you guys. Sorry for the Angel or the SO series lovers, but this time, we are delighting our good faithful Ryuu and Vitamin readers! We know that it has been a while, so here are Ryuu ch48 and Vitamin ch24. Come down to our IRC channel to get them! And while you're there, hail to MaxwellsDemon and thank him for editing this Vitamin chapter!! Be sure to give him some cuddle & kisses if you want him to continue editing Vitamin! :PP

Also, if you are interested in helping us out, we would need some editors (beginners, but willing to learn or experienced)! Check out the test in our "Join the team" section!

PoCHa - May 2nd, 2008


Happy Birthday 4

Even later this year. XD Anyway, happy 4th birthday JanKenPon, only 96 more years to go. ;P
Well, no birthday releases this year, but I'll (try) to make sure everyone will get something, as soon as possible.^^

Admiral_Thrawn - March 5th, 2008


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